Welcome, Bachelor Nation! The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and now Bachelor in Paradise are shows that have captivated viewers around the world. I remember watching the show as a young teen and cannot believe that it is still on all these years later. One of the best parts about the show are the locations in which the romantic and sometimes bizarre dates are held. Since the show is based in Southern California I decided to create the Ultimate Guide to Bachelor Date Locations in LA. Please note that this list will always be a work in progress and I will be adding to the post as I learn more.

date locations from the bachelor in la

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Date Locations From the Bachelor in LA

The Bachelor Mansion

Let’s start off with the location most associated with the show. The Bachelor Mansion. This is a private residence that is rented out for the show. You can see it from a small distance if you drive to the area. The address for the Bachelor Mansion is 2351 Kanan Road, Agorua Hills.

The Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel

the spare room

When Sean was The Bachelor he and Lesley kissed outside the Guinness Book of World Records on Hollywood Boulevard. The goal was for them to set the record for the longest kiss. Afterward, they head over to the Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel. What is the Spare Room? It is an intimate bar with a two-lane bowling alley.

The Culver Hotel

culver hotel

The Culver Hotel is shown on JoJo’s season when she has a date with James. You can come to this hotel for dancing and live music.

Treasure Island Beach

treasure island beach laguna

This location is south of LA in Orange County but is the most stunning location of all. During Amanda’s hometown date when Ben H was the bachelor they went to treasure island beach. The beach is my favorite place to go for relaxation.

The Bridge to Nowhere

When Jake was the bachelor he took a date to the Bridge to Nowhere in the San Gabriel Mountains they bungee jump off the bridge. Out of all of the date locations from the Bachelor in LA, this is the one I want to do the most! Warning, it is a ten-mile roundtrip hike to the bridge.

The Regent

Ben H took Cailia to the Regent in DTLA for a show with Amos Lee. The same theatre was also used during Colton’s season when he takes a group date there to see a private show with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman.

The Hollywood Improv

During Kaitlyn’s season, Amy Schumer meets her group date at the Hollywood Improv. The group date was cringy at best but this location is cool to check out.

Malibu Wines

malibu safari wine tour

The Malibu Wine Safari is just over the hill from the Bachelor Mansion so you’ll see this area pop up on the show multiple times. Like on both Chris Soules and Rachel’s seasons. You can visit the winery without doing the safari but I think the safari experience is amazing. You can read all about my experience here.

Bradbury Building

This iconic building has been featured in several tv shows and movies but also The Bachelor. Arie takes Krystal on a date here for a private concert from Connor Duermit. You can step inside the lobby for a quick photo but unfortunately, cannot explore the location.

Belasco Theatre

Hannah had a group date here where the guys participated in a “Mr. Right” pageant.

OUE Skyspace

oue skyspace los angeles

OUE Skyspace is shown during a date with Nick and Vanessa. This place offers amazing views of the city but the best part is the glass slide. You can read all about my experience at OUE here.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Coliseum is one of Los Angeles’s historic sports venues. It has been used for the Olympics as well as USC Football games. Ben H brought a group date here to play a game with soccer pros.

Universal CityWalk Hollywood

city walk hollywood

The Universal Studios CityWalk Hollywood was shown during Kaitlyn’s season when she has the men sumo wrestle on a group date.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

how to get tickets to ellen

During Rachel’s season, she took a group date to a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On the show, the guys played never have I ever. You too can go to a show. I have been to the show four times including Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. You can read all about my experience here.

Cowboy Palace Saloon

Rachel took a few of her guys on a date to the saloon. You can come here for drinks, music, and mud wrestling.

The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

Kaitlyn took Ben on a date to The Basement and they escaped with four seconds to spare.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This amusement park is the best option for thrill-seekers. There are so many roller coasters you will spend your whole day trying to squeeze them all in. Sean brought AshLee here on his season of The Bachelor.

Queen Mary

the queen mary

The Queen Mary is a beautiful and historical ship in the port of Long Beach. It was shown during a date with Colton and Hannah during his season.

Vasquez Rocks

Colton took Hannah horseback riding here. You’ll also see this make an appearance on Friends. This is where Joey comes to film his big movie in “Las Vegas”.

Colorado Street Bridge and Pasadena City Hall

city hall from parks and recreation

Pasadena makes an appearance during a date when Juan Pablo was the bachelor. They take a walk on the Colorado Street Bridge which you’ll also see in La La Land. Then they head over to the Pasadena City Hall where they enjoy a private dinner.


You’ll see the L Club Rooftop terrace during one of Jojo’s dates but also on a Ben group date where they play basketball.

The Grove

I love going to The Grove. When Arie was the Bachelor they hosted a dog show date at The Grove.

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