The Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows! My Mom told me I used to watch it when I was little with my Great Grandma but I don’t remember. I fell in love with this show within the last five years and get so much joy out of watching it. Actually, my Grandpa used to do maintenance on the set so I love listening to his stories being around the girls. The Golden Girls House address is 245 N Saltair Brentwood, CA.

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golden girls house

In The Golden Girls Blanche’s house is said to be at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami, FL. But, just like the majority of tv shows the producers picked a house in LA to use. I loved that when we drove up to the house my boyfriend, who has never really seen the show, said it looked like an old person’s home. When I look at this house I can already hear the theme music playing in my head.

My first attempt to see this house in person was not successful. There is construction happening at the corner of Sunset and Saltair. On my first visit, the construction workers were moving lumber from one side of the street to the other. This backed everything up and eventually, I just left. However, I came back about two weeks later and had no problems. I just wish that I would have thought to bring some cheesecake with me to enjoy in the car at the house.

The Golden Girls House

The house still looks just like it did in the show which is really incredible! I appreciate it when the owners don’t try to change anything or hide the house to keep fans from checking it out. I always make sure that I never bother the owners and never walk into the yard or the driveway.

If you’re interested in hearing my Grandpa share about The Golden Girls and other sets that he worked on you can check it out in the IGTV below.


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My Grandpa is sharing stories from his days working behind the scenes in TV #mydayinla #welikela

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The Golden Girls Kitchen Pop Up Experience

the golden girls kitchen

Now through October, you can experience The Golden Girls Kitchen in Beverly Hills. You can read about my experience here.

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