Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey is the perfect beach for families as well as those who want to go kayaking or paddleboarding. I found a Groupon for a paddleboarding deal at the Pro SUP Shop which is located right at the beach. It was such an enjoyable day being able to swim in the calm water and relax on the sand. Marina Beach was not crowded at all which made it easy to social distance.

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Mother's Beach in marina del rey

This beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches in LA. Parking is $10 for the whole day or 25¢ for every 10 minutes. Picnic tables, volleyball nets, and the playground are all currently unavailable due to COVID-19. However, the restrooms are still open and you can rent paddleboards or kayaks to use. It is a small beach with calm water due to it being a marina.

angel wings float

I ordered the cutest angel wings float from Amazon and I thought I would be able to use it at the beach. What I didn’t see is a faded sign that says no floats or rafts of any kind are allowed. At least the lifeguards let me get a few cute pictures before asking me to get my float out of the water.

pro sup shop

The main reason that I came to Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey was paddleboarding. I found a Groupon for the Pro Sup Shop for $17.50. The normal cost is $25 for one hour per person.

paddle boarding in marina del rey

Paddleboarding and kayaking are really great activities to do right now. It was so nice to be out on the water and not have many people around. The staff was really helpful too. My boyfriend and I decided to stay close to the beach so we wouldn’t have to paddle back too far when our hour was up. A lot of the kayakers went much further out. I saw people of all ages having a great time.

stand up paddle boarding marina del rey

We saw a lot of stingrays in the water which made me really thankful to be on the board. However, later when we were in the swimming area we didn’t see any at all. If you want to be able to take photos out on the water I have a great recommendation. I don’t have a waterproof phone case but I recently purchased a waterproof pouch that I can have my phone in out on the water. It has worked out very well! There is no need to worry about where you’ll store your wallet and car keys. The shop will let you put your stuff under their table.

marina del rey beach

Honestly, this isn’t a beach that I would come to very often unless I wanted to paddle board. There isn’t anything wrong with it but since I don’t have children I would prefer to go to a beach with waves, a pier, or fire pits.


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