father of the bride house

The Father of the Bride House Is Located in Pasadena

One of my favorite movies to watch with my family is the Father of the Bride. It is such a heartwarming story and Steve Martin as the over protective father is perfect. A favorite hobby of mine is visiting filming locations in person and I was ecstatic to finally make it to the home of the Banks Family. The Father of the Bride house is located in Pasadena. A short drive from the location stated in the movie.

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father of the bride house

Address for the Father of the Bride House

843 South El Molino Avenue in Pasadena is the official address. The house does not look exactly like it did in the movie. While the changes are minor at first I didn’t think it was the same house. Of course, it is the same house. It’s missing the ivy growing on the exterior and the white picket fence. This house is where Annie and George played basketball in the driveway. But, the backyard wedding reception was filmed in a much bigger yard in Alhambra.

I truly wish that famous homes from movies were all turned into air bnbs or event spaces so that the public could enjoy them. I would love to throw a bridal shower at this iconic house. If you enjoy visiting famous houses you might enjoy stopping by the Boy Meets World House.

Have you ever seen the original Father of the Bride movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy? I’ve only seen the remake which I adore but it would be nice to check out the original. And if you’ve never seen Father of the Bride 2 I highly recommend it. I was on my way to the 626 Night Market when I stopped to find this beautiful house.