Ways to Make Extra Money in Los Angeles

Are you looking to make extra money in Los Angeles? I don’t have to be the one to tell you that living in LA can get expensive real quick! Luckily, living in Los Angeles does provide ample opportunities to make money with several different side hustles. These are all things that I have tried myself and have had varying degrees of success with.

Ways to Make Extra Money in Los Angeles

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Audience Work

I have made a decent amount of money from doing audience work. Most months I cover my car payment with just a handful of shows. This is easy work but it can be a bit draining when you do it for a lengthy show. My favorite show to do audience work for is The Real. They tape at 6am. You are almost always done before 10am and will leave with anywhere from $40-$60. The reason this show is my favorite is while I hate waking up early I still have time in my day to pursue other work. You can read more about the audience work here.

Background Work

Background work just like anything else in the entertainment industry is incredibly unpredictable. Some weeks will have multiple days of work for you while other weeks will have nothing. But, anyone can sign up with Central Casting in Burbank and even if they only need you for a few hours on set they have to pay you for 8 hours.

DoorDash & Postmates are two of many food delivery companies that you can sign up for and control how much you work. One thing that is nice about DoorDash is that when a job appears it will tell you upfront what your payment will be. The biggest downside to DoorDash is that they have people pre tip. Tips tend to be better on postmates but with postmates you don’t know upfront how much you’ll make.

If you sign up for either company through Swagbucks you’ll get points to redeem for PayPal or other gift cards if you make at least one delivery within 30 days of signing up. Currently, you’ll get 2270 ($22) points for Postmates and 5000 ($50) for DoorDash.


Personally, Lyft is the one that I like the least out of all of these options. It made me feel uncomfortable having males that I did not know alone in my car with me. I also did not appreciate people who wouldn’t warn me that they had dogs and would make me feel obligated to still take them. Some people love this type of work but I do not. However, if you’d like to sign up please use my referral code MICHELLE080876.



Surkus is not an app that can help you get rich but, it is great for helping you make extra money. Surkus pays you to attend select events around town. Not all events are paid but it is also great for saving money by getting into some places for free. Plus, for every friend you recommend, you’ll earn $5 once they attend their first event. You can read more about Surkrus here and sign up for it here.