One of the best things about some of the malls in LA is that they have more than just good stores. A lot of the malls host some pretty great events throughout the year. Westfield Century City is one of those malls. On a weekly basis, they typically have at least one event and sometimes more. I highly recommend connecting with the mall on Instagram to stay up to date on what they have going on.

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The Westfield Century City is close to Beverly Hills so if you’ll be in the area sightseeing it could be worth it to stop by the mall. Especially, if they are having a special event.  So far I have attended three different events at this location.


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Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? #911 #911fox #indianajones #popup #fox #westfieldcenturycity #abc7eyewitness

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Several mini pop up experiences are held at this mall. I stopped by the pop-up for 911 on Fox. They had photo ops and a VR experience.

mark wahlberg
A few years ago I came to a screening of Patriots Day which was introduced by Mark Wahlberg. I was able to meet him that night. Wahlburgers is over on this side of town if you’re interested in checking it out. Are you interested in attending events where you can meet celebrities? You can find out more information here.

taste at westfield century city

Recently, I attended TASTE which was an incredible Food and Wine festival. I found out about the event through an app I use called Surkus. Surkus shows me events happening around LA and helps me get in for free. Tickets for TASTE were $50 and I got in for free! Plus, occasionally Surkus will even pay you to go to events. All that you have to do is post about the event once on Instagram.

Taste had vendors like Wolfgang Puck, the Crack Shack, Shake Shack and so many more. I could not believe how incredible the food and experience were. My favorite dessert was chocolate gelato from Grom which they poured hot chocolate over! It was divine. My favorite foods were the chicken sandwich from Crack Shack and the lobster roll from the Shuck House.

The selection of stores is average and nothing that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. My reasons to come here are the events and the great selection of places to eat. And, to see movies for free.

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