Attending a World Series Baseball Game at Dodger Stadium

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The last two seasons for the Los Angeles Dodgers have been very exciting. 2018 marked the second year in a row that the Dodgers played in the World Series. In 2017 the series began in Los Angeles and tickets ranged from $600-$1,000 for the top row of the stadium. It has been on my bucket list for years to attend a series game but those prices are out of reach for me. During the 2018 series, it started in Boston. After the Dodgers lost the first few games ticket prices began to drop in LA and I decided to take the opportunity to attend a game.

dodgers world series

This was a completely spontaneous decision but one that I will never regret. I started watching for tickets to drop in price the day of the game I wanted to attend. I utilized several different websites like stub hub, Ticketmaster and seat geek. For non-series games, I recommend checking Goldstar for discounted tickets. A friend had recommended to me to wait until I got to the stadium to get my ticket so that I was giving as much time as possible for the price to drop. The final price came to $314 for a club level seat. Now that is still a crazy price to pay for one game but how many times can you go to a World Series game that is practically in your backyard?

dodgers stadium world series

If I would have had more time to plan for the game I would have taken advantage of several other ways to save money. Did you know that you can take food into the stadium as long as it is in a disposable container? Stop by Costco & pick up the $1.50 hot dogs and a few other snacks and you can easily save yourself $20-$30. You can also find free street parking outside of the stadium if you are willing to walk the extra distance. Parking for the World Series was $40!

The game I attended was incredible. It was the only game of the 2018 World Series that the Dodgers won. That’s right, the game I attended was the one that went on for 18 innings. I lasted until the 14th inning. I had to work the next morning and by that point felt like I had gotten my money’s worth. Plus, I had gone to the game by myself since I wasn’t sure who I knew that would be willing to drop a few hundred for a baseball game spur of the moment.

If you are a fan of baseball I cannot recommend attending a World Series game enough. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.