Wahlburgers Los Angeles The Burger Is Worth The Wait

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First things first. I love a good burger! And Wahlburgers Los Angeles definitely delivers that. My first visit to Wahlburgers in Las Vegas was a couple of years ago and I really, really liked it. When they moved out to Los Angeles I was very excited. My parents watch Wahlburgers on AMC so on their recent visit my Dad asked if we could eat here.

Wahlburgers Los Angeles Locations

There are two Wahlburgers locations in Los Angeles. One is at the USC Village and the other location is on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

As of now, I have only visited the West Hollywood location. This is the one I would recommend going to. The West Hollywood location has free parking which is such a rare find in Los Angeles.

wahlburgers los angeles location

What Is Wahlburgers

Wahlburgers is a restaurant owned by Mark Wahlberg and his brothers. The burger joint started on the east coast but has now made its way out to Los Angeles. Burgers are the specialty but they do have a decent amount of variety on their menu.

wahlburgers los angeles

Wahlburgers, while incredibly tasty, can be a bit pricey. It can average $20 a person for a burger, fries and a drink. The chocolate milkshake is so good that I highly recommend that. The burgers are so tender and fresh and the fries are pretty great too. My Dad was very impressed by how good the food was. We have all been raving about it ever since.

wahlburgers milkshake

One of my favorite things was that the ceiling has big panels with names of movies that Mark has been in as well as nods to New Kids On The Block and other Wahlberg ventures. It has a nice family vibe. My parents and I ate dinner here on a Monday night at around 6 pm. We mainly had the place to ourselves which was great! This place is perfect for fans of the Wahlbergs but also just fans of a good burger in general.