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An app that pays you to attend events in Los Angeles sounds too good to be true. However, I can promise you that it does exist. The Surkus App provides those in the LA area the opportunity to attend events around town. Not all of the events will pay you to attend however, the ones that do not pay will give you free admission.

How Does The Surkus App Work

A lot of people question whether or not this app is legit. I can understand that it doesn’t seem realistic that you can get paid to attend fun events around town. However, I have been paid within 24 hours of attending events. Plus, once you join the app and refer friends you will earn $5 when they attend their first event. All you need to do to get paid is hook up your PayPal account to the app.

Once you have downloaded the app and open it up you will need to fill out your profile. After your profile is finished you should start getting invites to events within a few days. Under invites, it will show the current events you can potentially attend. You will need to click on the events under invites and select whether or not you would like to attend. If it is a popular event you will find out within 24-48 hours prior to the event if you have been selected. If it is not as popular as an event you will be told immediately that you are all set up to attend.

It is really important to always mark as soon as possible whether or not you’d like to attend an event. If you never respond you will be marked as flakey in the app and won’t have a good chance of being selected for events in the future. Within the last month, I participated in two digital campaigns through Surkus. Each paid $5 and took less than 10 minutes of my time to complete.

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There was a 40th-anniversary screening of Grease at the Wiltern Theatre. Surkus gave fans free tickets to attend the screening. This event ended up being a lot of fun and I was very thankful for the free ticket. At select Surkus events you will need to check in with a Surkus ambassador before going inside. You will also need to open up the app on your phone so that the location services can prove to Surkus that you arrived.

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The very first event I attended with Surkus was a screening of King Arthur at the Ace Hotel Theatre in downtown LA. Before the movie began there was a reception with complimentary appetizers & drinks. Following the movie, the cast including Charlie Hunan came out for a q&a. This was the kind of event that I would have paid to attend so the fact that I made $10 for going was really exciting.

If you would like to attend events celebrity events like the King Arthur q&a click here for more information.

I have got to check out some amazing spots in LA thanks to this app including QUE Skyspace.

melrose rooftop cinema
A few times a month they will have contests through the app. I won two tickets to the Melrose Rooftop Theatre. All that I had to do was post about the Surkus app on instagram and use the contest hashtag. Not that many people entered which gave me an even better shot of winning.

Recently, I got to check out the Scenario Studio Pop Up through Surkus. Tickets are $20 so I was thrilled to go for free through the app.

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