If you love classic movies and exploring historic places in Los Angeles Last Remaining Seats is the summer event for you. Every summer the LA Conservancy hosts Last Remaining Seats which invites attendees to step back in time and visit the movie palaces from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The screening series started with the goal to bring attention to the historic theatres in Los Angeles. This is such a special event that I look forward to every year.

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2023 Last Remaining Seats

For the last showing for the 2023 season, guests can watch Vertigo at the Million Dollar Theatre on 6/17 at 8 pm. Tickets are $18 for LA Conservancy members, $22 for the general public, and $16 for those 17 and under.

Go Inside LA's Historic Movie Theatres

Before the Chinese and Egyptian Theatres drew attention to Hollywood, Broadway in DTLA was home to movie premieres and more! This area of town is home to several iconic movie palaces which now remain closed most days. However, for special events like Last Remaining Seats, the theatres light up once again.

last remaining seats


The screening was held at the Los Angeles Theatre which was built in 1931. Los Angeles is such an incredible city for movie lovers like myself. Getting to watch classic movies in grand movie palaces is an incredible experience. My friend and I parked at Pershing Square which would have been a short walk to the theatre but I put the wrong location in my GPS. At least downtown LA has a lot of cool stuff to see so the detour wasn’t too bad.

We walked up to the theatre for a screening of Top Gun we saw the famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer. I picked up my tickets and headed inside. I wish I would have paid more attention when I was outside the theatre. The Porsche convertible that Charlie drives in the movie was sitting out front and I would have loved to have seen it.

last remaining seats

I knew that the Los Angeles Theatre would be beautiful, but I was stunned by how truly magnificent it is. The lobby reminded me of a museum or a ballroom with the beautiful chandlers and the ornate decorations on the ceilings and walls. My friend and I headed upstairs and found a photo spot. The photo props included bomber jackets, aviators, as well as signs that said “I feel the need… The need for speed”.

Even if you decide to sit downstairs the upstairs is worth checking out. At the top of the stairs, you will find a beautiful, well honestly I’m not sure what to call it. It looks like a fountain but instead of water, it has dangling jewels. ¬†Whatever it is one of the most beautiful things inside the theatre. The upstairs is also a great place to take a picture of the theatre itself.

the los angeles theatre

My friend and I chose seats on the orchestra level and were able to get great seats. Before the movie started the President of the LA Conservancy came on stage to speak. She was followed by the executive producer of Top Gun, Jerry Bruckheimer. Jerry has worked on films like Pearl Harbor and The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It was incredible to get to hear Jerry share about himself, Don Simpson and director Tony Scott pitching the movie. He said that it was the easiest yes that he had ever gotten in Hollywood.

Jerry also mentioned that when the script was written they wanted Tom Cruise. However, Tom Cruise was not always interested in Top Gun. Jerry decided to entice him to make the movie by contacting the Navy to see about taking Tom up in a jet. Luckily, the Navy approved and after his flight, Tom called Jerry and said that he was in.

I am so blessed to live near Los Angeles so that I can attend screenings like this. Not many people can say that they’ve had Jerry Bruckheimer introduce Top Gun at a screening in one of LA’s historic movie theatres. Los Angeles is truly like nowhere else in the world and I do not take that for granted. My friend had never seen Top Gun before and I thought it was an incredible way for her to experience the movie for the first time. Following the screening, there was a q&a so that everyone could learn about the theatre.

clifton's cafeteria downtown los angeles

I forgot about the q&a but I did remember that we were all invited across the street to Clifton’s Cafeteria for trivia.

Other Movie Palaces Used for Last Remaining Seats:

cinema phantasmagoria

The Million Dollar Theatre


orpheum theatre

The Orpheum Theatre

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