Are you attending a baseball game at Dodger Stadium? Great! Whether it is your first visit or more there is almost always a new way to save! If it is your first visit ask for a first-time button for a souvenir. Keep reading to find out how to score Dodger Game Cheap Tickets and Free Parking.

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dodgers world series

When I went to the 2018 World Series ticket prices had dropped by several hundred dollars as the LA-based series games arrived. I bought a last-minute ticket via Stub Hub in the Dodgers Parking lot for $314. Pretty good for a World Series game right?


If you are able to get to the game early you can find free street parking outside the entrance gates. I left my car close to the hospital and it was a short walk to the main parking lot. If you don’t want to worry about finding street parking or cannot get to the game early be sure to buy it in advance online. The advanced parking price is $17. It is $25 for general parking if you buy it at the gates.


My most recent research got me very excited about certain foods that are no longer offered at the stadium. So, if you’re reading this after 2019 please know that I cannot guarantee that everything on this list will still be available. For now, here’s a list of What to Eat at Dodger Stadium featuring my favorite items that I actually tried. There is so much more that I’ll be adding to this list over the years.

Did you know that you can bring your own food to Dodger Stadium? The last game I went to my Mom and I brought food from Porto’s with us. But, sometimes I just want food at the game. The food that you bring in has to be in disposable containers. Unbroken, factory-sealed plastic bottles of non-alcoholic beverages of 1 liter or less are permitted.

what to eat at dodger stadium

Kings Hawaiian Pulled Pork Hot Dog

This was one of the best hot dogs that I have ever had at a ball game. The only downside? It is located behind the outfield seats. Be prepared to deal with a lot of stairs and allow plenty of time to get the hot dog and then get to your seat.

best food at dodger stadium

Churro Ice Cream Sundae

I love getting ice cream in the helmets. Eventually, I’ll try the ballpark nachos in the helmet too. The Churro ice cream sundae is amazing! And I love that it comes in a Brooklyn Dodgers helmet as a tribute to the team’s past.


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