Malibu Wine Safari is a unique experience that attracts visitors throughout the year. You board a jeep with a tour guide and explore the 1,000-acre Sandlerock ranch & vineyard. Plus, you get to feed different types of animals during your visit. The most popular tours are the regular one which is $65 and the giraffe tour which is $95. On the regular tour, you still get to see Stanley the giraffe so whether or not it is worth an additional $30 for you to feed one is up to you.

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What to Know Before You Go to Malibu Wine Safaris

Parking: There is free parking for the safaris. This is also the designated parking spot for the Malibu Wine which is a different destination.

Check-In: There are signs guiding you to the check-in destination once you’ve parked. It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance because the tours do book up. After my friend and I checked in we had to sign a waiver and were given wristbands that corresponded with the jeep we would be taking the tour on. We ended up on the zebra jeep. I recommend getting a seat in the front row so that way it is easier for you to get better photos.

giraffe from the hangover 3
The safari tour lasts for about 90 minutes in total. Our guide shared the history of the property and gave us lots of information about what we were seeing. We drove past Stanley the giraffe who has appeared in movies like The Hangover 3. I see the prop version of his legs at my work so it was cool for me to see him in person.

malibu safari wine tour
Throughout the tour, we made two stops for wine tasting and one stop to feed the animals. Each of the two stops included a tasting of three different wines. The nice part about the stops is that you are not rushed at all. You are given a good amount of time to enjoy the wine, take photos and explore. Our first wine tasting spot also included seeing some of the llamas.

wine safari
The amount of wine you’re given for the tasting is what you see in the glass here. So if you’re worried that you might have too much wine it will be fine.
malibu wine safaris
Our next stop involved feeding Barack Ollama, Zebrina, and a few other animals like horses and highland cows. Almost all of the animals have celebrity-themed names and I thought that the names were hilarious! Our guide said that when the animals are born the guides vote on the names.

malibu wineQuite a bit of filming has taken place on the property for the Bachelor & the Bachelorette because the mansion that they film in is practically around the corner from the property. The house from the Hangover 3 is also close by.

malibu wines safari
There are a few different wedding spaces throughout the property too. I could see this space as being great for receptions.

wine safari malibu
Throughout the tour, we came upon various art installations that paid tribute to people from the owner’s life. I don’t fully remember the story about this door but I believe it was leftover from a fire in the area.

What to Wear:

After checking the weather and seeing that it would be in the low 70’s and high 60’s I decided not to wear the dress I had in mind. If you do wear a dress just be mindful that you will be climbing on and off the jeep throughout the tour. I don’t recommend wearing heels since there is a decent amount of walking and not always on paved roads. A hat and sunglasses are helpful. I got pooped on by a bird but luckily it just landed on my hat instead of my head.

What to Bring:

Make sure that you have your ID on you since this is a 21+ experience. Sunscreen and hand sanitizer are things I highly recommend bringing with you.

What to do After Your Safari:

If you’re feeling hungry and want a meal with a view you can check out Malibu Farm on the water. Or if you’re feeling artsy you can head over to the Getty Villa.

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