Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. And what exactly is that moment? Seeing Kelly Clarkson/hearing her sing. You get to do both when you get tickets to the Kelly Clarkson Show. With this post, I will give you a thorough guide on how to get tickets and what to expect at the taping. Please note that the last taping of the Kelly Clarkson Show that I went to was in August of 2021.

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Interested in learning what going to a TV Show Taping in LA is like? I spoke with my friend TeArra Hardiman about our experiences attending Tv Show Tapings. We share what you can expect, how to get tickets, and tips to make your experience more enjoyable. You can listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or Podbean.

Tickets for Tv Shows that Tape in LA are free. You will find tickets to the Kelly Clarkson Show on the 1iota website. In order to get the tickets, you will need to create a profile. The more you complete on your profile the better your chances are to get tickets. Kelly’s show can be pretty easy to get tickets to right now unless she has guests with an enthusiastic fan base like NKOTB.

When I went to a taping for the current season (I first wrote this post after my first taping in season one), I was surprised to see that some attendees were getting paid. I have previously gotten paid to be in the audience for other shows in the audience, which I share about in this post here.

I am not sure how long they will be using a partially paid audience but I would definitely check the Standing Room Only website to see if they have Kelly tickets before applying on 1iota. When you get paid to go you aren’t guaranteed to get in, but for how much of your day this eats up it’s better to get paid to be there. It won’t say the Kelly Clarkson Show on the SRO website. It will say something like “popular daytime talk show” that tapes at Universal Studios.

Once you request tickets from 1iota or SRO it can take a few hours up to several days to hear back about the show. You will get an email letting you know if you have tickets.

For 1iota ticket holders: Be sure to click on your ticket to find out if you have general or priority tickets. Priority ticket holders are essentially guaranteed to get in as long as they show up before the time printed on the tickets.

Having a general ticket doesn’t mean you won’t get in. However, something that all shows do is give out more tickets than the number of seats that they have in order to try and guarantee a full house. If you have general tickets be sure to arrive early. I had tickets for an 11 am taping and arrived before 10:30 am.

The ticket will have information about what to wear. Bright colors are highly suggested and please consider wearing comfortable shoes as you will be doing a fair amount of walking. 

Everyone who attends a taping of the show will be given a complimentary parking pass. Take advantage of this! Be sure to check out the CityWalk at Universal Studios after. It will explain where to park and check in on the ticket. When you check-in you have to sign a waiver since you will be on camera. Then you will be escorted to a seating area where you’ll wait for a tram to take you to the stage. You get a mini-tour of the Universal backlots which is always fun.

kelly clarkson taping

I attended a taping in December when they were taking donations for Toys for Tots. From what my friend who has gone to the show several times has told me in most cases you can get a photo in the yarn room. I just had to quickly take one as we were ushered into the stage but was unable to pose in front of the wall. Your phone does have to be turned off once you get inside the stage so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any photos beyond the yarn wall.

kelly clarkson show

If you have watched the show you know that a member of the studio audience requests a song for Kelly to sing. That is done a few weeks before the show airs so request your ticket and song early if that is important to you.

The show is really fun. Kelly is wonderful at interacting with the audience and making everyone feel welcome and special.

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