Here’s the story. Of a famous house. Which once “belonged” to a beloved TV Family. Where Is The Brady Bunch house? You will find it at 11222 Dilling St, Studio City, CA 91602. In 2019 I finally made it to see this famous house in person! Honestly, visiting this house has been on my to-do list for ages. Seeing the transformation on HGTV really gave me the extra push I needed to go. I’m still hoping that they will open up the house for fans to see!

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Brady Bunch House

Through my research, I have learned that this is the second most photographed house in the U.S. Wow! My only regret is that I wanted to go see the house again around Christmas to see if they decorated it. Unfortunately, I got sick so I’ll have to try in 2020.

As of now, you cannot go inside the house. However, you are welcome to photograph the house from the outside. There was a security guard parked in the driveway when I went to visit. The main thing is that you cannot go up to the front door but you are welcome to visit.

On Yelp others have reported the security truck blocking part of the view of the house on the street with comments that the guard was not very pleasant. So, unfortunately, it sounds like the experience can be hit or miss.  I went around 5 pm on a Saturday. There were two other families when I got there. One family was sitting in front of the house so we just had to wait until they moved out of the way.

where is the brady bunch house

This is one of the most iconic tv houses for me. I cannot believe how close I lived to this house for a year without seeing it. Of all of the tv & movie houses that I have seen in person so far this is the one that has meant the most to me. There is just something so special about that family-friendly show! I love The Brady Bunch!!

aroma coffee and tea

It blew my mind when I realized it was only five minutes from my favorite restaurant, Aroma Coffee & Tea.

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