How To Get Tickets To Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways

**Any photos of the stage or the dedication plaque in this post were taken during my time on the Warner Bros Studio Tour. You are not able to take photos of the set when you attend a taping. Though you can take photos in the riff-raff room. **

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how to get tickets to ellen's 12 days of giveaways

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Welcome! This post that you are reading is all about my experiences with getting tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. I have a separate post all about getting tickets to a regular taping and what the experience is like. You can read that post here.

Please note that the goal of this post is not to brag that I’ve gotten to go to 12 Days. I wrote this post to help give you an understanding of how you can get the tickets. As well as what the experience of attending this taping is like. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via social media.

the ellen degeneres stage

The quick answer to how you can get tickets to the 12 Days of Giveaways is honest but not very helpful. You have to win the tickets. While you can request free tickets to the show throughout the year it does not work for this. How do you win the tickets? There are several different ways but unfortunately, there isn’t one particular way that can guarantee you will get the tickets. First I would like to share how I got tickets to go in both 2012 and 2019. Please note that there are no standby tickets for the special tapings. 

The Riff-Raff Room (2012)

The riff-raff room is where the Ellen Shop is located. It is on the backside of the studio audience. There are cushioned benches where standby ticket holders who do not make it into the main audience can stay and watch the taping. Back in 2012 when I first went to the show I wound up in the riff-raff room. Everyone was given a ticket and three numbers were pulled out of a jar. My number was one of the ones selected and my prize was two tickets to 12 Days.

I always encourage people to stay for the taping even if you only get to be in the riff-raff room because you never know what good things it can lead to!

Be In The Studio Audience (2019)

When I attended the show again on 4/2/2019 even though I had standby tickets I was able to make it into the studio audience this time. At this particular taping, they taped a full show and then half of a show that would be shown the following week. During the second show of the taping Ellen called down two audience members to play a game. Originally the winner of the game and her side of the studio audience won tickets to come back for 12 Days of Giveaways. Of course, it wasn’t fair for only half to win so the entire audience ended up getting to come back.

I know that you have no control when you go to a taping as to whether or not the audience wins 12 Day tickets. It is something we have no control over but, when you go to the taping there is always a chance that it could happen to you. So if you ever get a chance to go to a taping of the show please go!


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Win One of Ellen’s Contests

Ellen gives fans a few different ways that they can win tickets. In 2019 some people won tickets by creating dancing videos and submitting them to her team. She has also hosted contests through her website and social media. Plus, even if you are unable to win the tickets to the show someone watching each of the 12 Days will be a winner from home and receive prizes as well.

What To Know Before You Go

There was one big difference between my 2012 and 2019 experiences. In 2012 I was told the date that my taping would be on via a letter mailed to my house. For the 2019 taping, everyone in my group received an email with three different dates to choose from. My group chose to all go on the same day. However, another friend of mine strategically went on a different day as her Dad so that they could double up on prizes.

Prior to the taping, you will receive either a letter in the mail or an email with the information you need to know.

12 days of giveaways

  • Everyone is asked to bring a new and unwrapped donation for Toys for Tots. They will still let you into the taping without the donation but it is a small way to say thank you and pay it forward.
  • They recommend bringing the biggest vehicle that you can so that way you can get your prizes home. The La-Z-Boy couch I won in 2012 was delivered to my house luckily but massive TVs (should you win one) are given out the day of. If you fly in for the show you need to have a plan on how you could leave the studio with the prizes as that is your responsibility. They suggest not carpooling to give you as much space as possible to work with. Of course, there are no guarantees that you’ll get a massive prize but they want you to be prepared.
  • You will be given a check-in time. I want to encourage you to arrive before the check-in time to try and get a better seat and a better parking spot. If you arrive late you may have to valet your car which can take a long time to get back after the taping.
  • Dress Code – They want nice casual. Bright colors are encouraged and they ask that you avoid black and white. You cannot wear Ellen or WB clothing, flip flops, shorts, hats, t-shirts or logos. Group coordinating outfits are not allowed. The annoying thing is you will see people break this rule and get away with it. A couple got in wearing Elf outfits at our taping and the guy even danced with Twitch. I wouldn’t’ risk it in case they do decide to enforce the dress code as they reserve the right to deny entry to anyone dressed inappropriately.
  • If anyone in your group needs special accommodations due to a disability you need to let the show know a minimum of two weeks before. 

  • Parking and Check-In is at Gate 3 at Warner Bros
  • Bring a pen to fill out tax forms. Plus, make sure you know your social security number.
  • Please note that you are unable to bring a guest with you unless your ticket specifically says it is for two people.

What The Taping Experience Is Like

Once you have parked or been dropped off at Gate 3 you will check-in inside the parking structure. Please note that there are restrooms and vending machines here but I recommend bringing snacks while you wait. Your entire group needs to check-in at the same time if you want to try and sit together. There is no guarantee that you’ll be sat together but luckily I’ve never been separated from my group. You will need to go through security and then check in with a member of the Ellen team.

The entire audience is slowly moved over to the stage in groups based on your numbers. Once inside the stage, you typically sit in a hallway until you are moved into the Riff Raff Room. If you want to have a good chance to buy something from the Ellen show consider arriving very early. The sooner you get into the stage the longer you have. Normally after a certain point, they are rushing everyone in which leaves you no time for shopping. Plus, on a day with two tapings, you are ushered out of the stage as soon as the show ends.

tickets to the ellen degeneres show

The seats at Ellen are more comfortable than the seats I’ve been in at other shows. Though before they show they try and keep you out of your seat as much as possible. They want you to be up and dancing. Even during the show once a commercial break starts they want you on your feet. Be prepared to dance, sing, clap and have fun.

If you go to the taping on a day when they are only taping one show you stay in the audience afterward to fill out your tax paperwork which is what I did in 2012. In 2019 we had to go back over to Gate 3 to fill out the paperwork. Small items like gift cards will be handed to you. For big items, like a Kitchen Aid mixer, you will be given directions on how to exit Gate 3 through an alternative exit.

You stay in your car once you exit and pop your trunk. The team will quickly load your items and you can leave. Please note that this experience took over 90 minutes and was a nightmare. We were leaving around the same time as a lot of employees which caused a massive traffic jam.

My 12 Days of Giveaway Prizes


My friend and I were incredibly blessed and grateful to receive a Ticketmaster gift card, an Alternative Apparel gift card, tickets to a Fleetwood Mac concert at the Hollywood Bowl, a closet makeover from the Container Store, and a couch from La-Z-Boy.


I won three Lego sets, a Walmart Giftcard, a Home Depot Giftcard, a Kitchen Aid Mixer, two Visa Giftcards, and a 2 Night Stay at a Wyndham Resort.

What To Do After The Taping

If you are hungry after the taping I recommend dining at the Smoke House Restaurant. It was a favorite of Walt Disney and George Clooney. Tv shows and movies like La La Land have even been filmed there.

Advice For Ticket Holders From Out of Town

If you do not live close to Burbank you will want to get a hotel in the area. I would encourage you to take the Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour prior to the taping so that you can get the most out of your visit to the studio. Please note that tours during the week will not have access to the Ellen Stage unless there is no filming taking place. Even when filming is not taking place it is up to the show whether or not to let tours in the stage. Always ask your guide and hopefully, if they can they will take you there.

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