Recently, one of my college roommates came to California. While she was here she really wanted to attend a tv show taping. I gave her a list of the shows that were taping while she would be here. Since we used to watch The Bachelor together in college we were hoping for tickets to After Paradise. However, when that didn’t work out we were excited to get tickets to a Last Man Standing taping.

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Last Man Standing Taping

How can you get tickets for the show? Tickets are for the tapings are available for free through a website called Audiences Unlimited (which is no longer active after 2020). Tickets can be requested as early as 30 days before the taping. For some shows like Fuller House you have to get the tickets the moment they are available. I was able to get tickets for Last Man Standing close to the taping so there is no need to rush.

The tapings for the show are held at the CBS lot in Studio City. There are two different CBS lots so make sure that you go to the Studio City one. You will be able to park in a covered structure on the lot for free. For a six o’clock taping we were able to park at four o’clock. I loved that I didn’t have to arrive too early and didn’t have to spend my whole day waiting for the taping.

What to know before you attend a tv show taping:
They will provide you with a slice of cheese pizza and a small water. I highly recommend bringing your own snacks and a water with you.
Most of the time the sound stages are cold so bring a sweater or jacket just in case.
You are not able to leave the taping early. You will have to stay until it ends.

Tim Allen has been one of my favorite actors for years. From Toy Story to The Santa Claus, and Home Improvement he has brought a lot of joy to my life. When the cast was introduced Tim took some time to address the studio audience. He thanked us for coming and made a few jokes. Not only is Tim the star of the show he is also one of the executive producers. It was wonderful to get to see him in person and watch him work his magic.

The audience warm-up guy for this show is much better than some of the others that I have seen. He gave out Last Man Standing merchandise to some lucky people in the audience. Sure the warm-up guys can be really annoying but you might get a $50 Target gift card or an autographed picture from them. I did not see any of the cast members meeting the fans after the taping which I was bummed about.

This show was really fun to watch. Plus, it was the quickest tv show taping that I have ever been to.

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