The Dolly Llama Ice Cream In Downtown Los Angeles

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Ice cream places have always been a big hit with people. One of the newest ice cream trends is bubble waffles. The Dolly Llama ice cream in Downtown Los Angeles offers visitors the chance to get some tasty ice cream with a delicious waffle. Leslie Knope would more than approve! What is a bubble waffle? It is closer to a waffle that you would eat for breakfast than a traditional waffle ice cream cone. It is fluffy and soft. The best part? It tastes great!

Where is the Dolly Llama in Downtown Los Angeles Located

611 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. There is not a parking lot for the Dolly Llama. You will either need to find metered parking on the streets or park in one of the many paid lots nearby.

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If you’re not planning on sharing I recommend getting the bubble to waffle the way it is pictured above. My friend and I decided to split ours so we asked if they could make the waffle flat so it would be easier for us both to eat. We ordered the red velvet ice cream with bananas, caramel, and cookies. It was really tasty and a great size for sharing.

It was a little under $9 for the one bubble waffle with the ice cream and toppings. If you want to add more toppings the price will get higher. They also have shakes and nonwaffle creations.

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There are two photo spots located upstairs. I love the “I got it from my Llama” sign. I did really enjoy the ice cream here, however, unless I just happen to be a few blocks away I wouldn’t return. Parking in downtown is just too annoying to come here on a regular basis. So my recommendation is to not make a special trip if you’d like to check it out. While in downtown you might want to check out some other places of interest like Oue Skyspace, Grand Central Market or The Broad Museum.