If you’re anything like me you love to take a road trip. There is something so special about driving to a fun destination with your family and friends. Living in Los Angeles is awesome because there are a lot of great road trip destinations within a reasonable driving distance. I’ve put together a list of the best road trips to take from Los Angeles. Is your family looking for a fun destination? Do you and your friends want to take a trip together? The six road trip destinations below are all road trip worthy and will not take too much time to drive there from Los Angeles.

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the best road trips to take from la

Las Vegas

the mirage

Las Vegas is one of the most popular road trip destinations to take from Los Angeles. The drive is under four hours if you don’t make any stops. My family and I have taken multiple road trips here from Los Angeles. This city is full of things to do for all ages. I have another post you might like about where to stop from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Plus, I have even learned how to get free hotel rooms, show tickets, and more! You can check out my post on How to Get Free Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon

grand canyon eagle rock

The Grand Canyon is roughly a seven-hour drive from Los Angeles. How far you’ll drive will depend on what part of the Grand Canyon you want to see. My Mom and I took a road trip to the West Rim because we wanted to check out the Sky Walk. The Sky Walk is a glass walkway that extends over the canyon. If you want to get more out of your road trip you can drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Then from Las Vegas drive to the Hoover Dam on your way to the Grand Canyon.


17 mile drive

Earlier this year my Mom and I took another one of our road trips from Los Angeles to Monterey. The drive to Monterey is about six hours. I attended college at California State University Monterey Bay. It is always fun to go back and visit my friends. Plus, Monterey is such a beautiful area with so much to see. For a more scenic drive, I recommend taking the 101 over the 5.

San Francisco

full house house san francisco

San Francisco is another one of the beautiful road trips from Los Angeles that I recommend taking. My parents and I took a road trip up to San Francisco when I was starting college at CSUMB. It is a nine-hour drive from Los Angeles. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge is so incredible that it is worth every minute you spend driving here.

Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is such a stunning road trip destination. My friends and I planned a road trip here in college. Our trip was canceled due to icy roads. However, this is a great road trip destination when the roads are safe. This place is gorgeous year-round. LA to Lake Tahoe is around an eight-hour drive.



Yosemite is one of my dream road trip destinations. If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors Yosemite is the place to go. This spectacular national park is a six-hour drive from Los Angeles. Who wants to take a road trip here with me?

Palm Springs

hotel california palm springs

Palm Springs and Palm Desert are two cities that I love a little to take a quick trip to. The desert cities are roughly a two-hour drive from LA and provide a relaxing escape. My favorite hotel to stay at in the area is the JW Marriott Desert Springs.

San Diego

la jolla

I love going down to San Diego and exploring the cities in the area. La Jolla and Coronado are my favorite cities for me to stay in but I equally love exploring the beautiful downtown area. There is so much to do with beautiful beaches, Sea World, the zoo & wild animal park, a Padres game, and more! You can read my posts about the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla or Hotel Del Coronado.


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